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Congress venue

Ukrainian House
Ukrainian House is a five-story multi-functional exhibitional-presentation complex. It is situated in the very heart of Kiev and has already become the traditional venue for conferences, presentations, art shows and international exhibitions.
Fairmont Grand Hotel
Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv is 5-star hotel positioned along the Dnipro River, from where it offers stunning views of the golden domes of surrounding cathedrals and famous architectural landmarks. The hotel is housed in a stunning mid-rise property with Renaissance-style architecture. Hotels under the Fairmont banner offer guests an extraordinary place that is created by combining unique architecture and structure, expressive decor and artistry, and magnificent features all in one great location.
Mamajeva Sloboda
Mamajeva Sloboda is an open-air Cossacs’ Village settled in seven kilometers from the main street of Ukraine’s capital. The Cossack’s Sloboda with its 98 exhibition objects is located on the 9 hectares and represent replicas of historical settlement depicting Ukrainian nature and lifestyle of the old times. In just few steps from the main gate of the settlement you feel yourself transferred into the Cossacks epoch of the 17th — 18th centuries. Then after visiting the unique Cossacks three-domed wooden church you’ll be treated as the most welcome visitor of the estates of a Churchwarden, a Potter, a Blacksmith, a Cossack-dzhura (Cossack armour bearer) and a Fortune-teller.
Mystetskyi Arsenal
Beautiful and historic military arsenal building is situated in the heart of Kiev. The building was originally erected between 1783 and 1801 for the needs of the Kyiv garrison. From early 19th century the Arsenal was under control of the army. During the 20th century it retained its primary function as a facility for military needs. In 2003 it obtained the status of a cultural and artistic institution and the name «Mystetskyi Arsenal». Now it is the site for numerous exhibitions, artistic performances and presentations.