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Optional events

September, 27, 2013. Friday
Trip to the state-of-the-art EAF steel mill Interpipe Steel and the wheelshop at the Interpipe NTRP (Dnepropetrovsk): 600 USD
Interpipe Steel is the first plant to be built since the Ukraine became an independent country, and will be the largest electric steel-smelting complex in Europe and the CIS.
During the excursion you will learn:
  • how the unique high-voltage 330 kW cable transmission cable was constructed, including how it was installed under the Samara river and railway lines without affecting the train traffic;
  • how some of the best engineers worked to create the largest electric steel-smelting complex;
  • what efforts have been made to make the new plant environmentally friendly, and how this marks the beginning of a green era in the metallurgical industry.
Taking into consideration the requests from participants, visit to the wheelshop at Interpipe NTRP will be also arranged.
Kiev — Dnepropetrovsk — Kiev flight, mill visit, lunch, Dnepropetrovsk sightseeing tour are included into the cost.

September, 26, 2013. Thursday
Kiev sightseeing tour: 50 USD
Sightseeing tour is a perfect chance to overlook all the most interesting places and buildings in Kiev for several hours. Create your own impression about the town, feel its amazing atmosphere.
The excursion route includes visits to Sofiya Kyivska, St. Mykhaylo Cathedral, Golden Gate, Boghdan Khmelnytsky’s monument, Krestchatyk, Maydan Nesalezhnosty, St. Volodymyr Cathedral, Askold’s tomb, Podol, Dnipro’s embankment, Kiev Pechersk Lavra and park of the Glory.
Kiev sightseeing tour and visit to Kiev Pechersk Lavra is included into the cost.