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Dear authors, the deadline for submission of abstratcs has expired. If you missed the submission term, you should contact Organizing Committee:


phone: +38 0562 389 413

Important dates   

March, 1 2013: acceptance of final papers to be opened

July 1, 2013:  final papers' acceptance deadline  

Abstract submission requirements

Abstracts should be submitted by email to

Format: MsWord and/or Power Point.

Author should send the abstract from his own email address, to receive the confirmation.

Before submitting an abstract, please carefully read the following abstract submission requirements.

The abstract should clearly identify the problem, represent achieved results, describe the methodology used to solve the problem, conclusions.

The organizers are not responsible for the accuracy of the abstracts. 

Abstract must contain the following:

  • Author’s full name

  • Institution, Company Name

  • Abstract Title (as it will appear in the Book of Abstracts and Final Program)

  • Abstract body 

The abstract body is limited to 2 (two) pages, 10 print (Arial). Please don’t use brand names in abstract titles.

If you do not receive a confirmation that your abstract was successfully uploaded, please contact Ludmila Novak:

You should receive a confirmation number.

For abstracts

Please choose the most appropriate topic from the list below.

New technologies that will increase the operational life cycle of the wheelsets:

  • Development of new steel grades for rolling stock wheels.

  • The latest non-destructive testing technologies for railway wheels and axles, as well as hardness testing

  • Increasing the load on conventional rolling stock

  • Wheel defects resulting in failure – the main types of wheel wear and how to control it

  • Equipment to test wheel strength characteristics - analysis of the fatigue properties of rails and axles

  • Technical peculiarities of high-speed rail wheels and axles - trends and overview

  • Rail / wheel / brake-shoe interaction

  • Monitoring wheel life cycle and establishing a feedback between wheel producers and users - development of automatic wheel identification systems and integrated electronic databases

CIS workshop. Particular focus on:

  • Global integration of the CIS railway system

  • Strategic program of transportation system development and upgrade in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

  • Development of high-speed transportation in CIS countries. 

Abstracts Review

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Technical committee. The acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author by email by February, 1, 2013.  


Accepted abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts and Final Program and recorded on the disk/memory stick.

By submitting the abstract authors confirm their consent to all or part of the publication in the conference proceedings, as well as partial or complete use of the title, text, and the authors' names in the Congress marketing materials (website, brochures, newsletters, etc.). 


Expenses associated with the preparation of the abstract,  presentation and registration fee  is the responsibility of the author/presenter.

You further agree that if your papers are accepted, you will be present at the Conference to present your research. 

Resubmitting an abstract

If there is a need to resubmit an abstract because of notified error, please send it to